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Hope House isn’t a place. It isn’t a building, a neighborhood, a street or even a ministry. It’s simply God’s Real. Crazy. Love unleashed in people. God’s people. It is love overflowing into the streets, free, unbounded by walls of doubt and self-imposed limits; unchained from prejudice and intolerance.


Hope House Detroit is what we believe has happened as a result of God wanting to show His real, crazy, love to the neighborhood of Jefferson/Chalmers on the Eastside of Detroit. It was founded in 2010 as a result of Gary and Becky Gentry’s hearts growing for the kids in the neighborhood. HHD strives to be a highly relational, process-focused ministry where we journey alongside our kids in very intentional ways. Our strategy is to walk together, talk together, play together, and pray together.


“The goal is to see people restored to what God created them to be: people who understand that they are created in the image of God, with gifts, abilities and capacity to make decisions and to affect change in the world around them; and people who steward their lives, communities, resources, and relationships in order to bring glory to God. These things tend to happen in highly relationship, process-focused ministries more than in impersonal product-focused ministries.”   – Steve Corbett (When Helping Hurts)


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