Real. Crazy. Love.

As Troy and I have been going through the process of packing and moving into our new house, we have spent some time reflecting on the past two years, as one does when a chapter is coming to a close. We both agreed that we have grown and been challenged in countless unexpected ways both emotionally and spiritually. We decided the most important are where we experienced growth was how radical, unconditional love looks like lived out in every day life. Not the kind of love that is transactional or tires easily, but rather love that could only come from one Source. In so many ways in the beginning, we received this love from all those who have been in the ministry before us and were able to then turn and love our Hope House kids so deeply. Then, along the way, the most incredible thing started to happen, we began to get that love back from the kids. At first it was small ways; they would respect us when asked to do something or they would share a precious glimpse into their personal story. Then it became much bigger than that, the love they were giving back to us had a supernatural effect. It started to change how we viewed our relationships and how we responded in conflict. We started to see people differently now because of how our kids loved us and we loved them back. Maybe we saw people with more compassion or understanding, we are still working through much of what we experienced at Hope House. One thing I do know is, the greatest lessons we learned were from the kids with their real, crazy love for us.

-Hannah Wilkinson

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