Let’s Get to Work

We were created to work. Not just because we live in America and that’s how we pay our bills but because I believe that’s how God intended us to live. When God created Adam and Eve He gave them roles and responsibilities to tend to and manage (Gen 2:15). Everyone’s work may look different but any way you put it, there’s something you were placed here to do.

As a part of my own job this summer, I got to introduce teens in the neighborhood to the working world that lies ahead of them. At Hope House we partnered with a job training program throughout the city of Detroit that hired eight thousand teens and young adults from all around the city.

Here at Hope House the six teen girls we employed had roles to play as waitresses and cooks and responsibilities to clean up and be here on time. Many of them worked with me in the café and we learned together how to run a small business, managing money, inventory, and customers.

I’ve had the chance to get feedback from the girls about what they learned from the summer as the café comes to a close for the fall. I’m encourage by their responses included below:

“When it comes to customer service I learned to not let your attitude reflect how you work or treat others.”

“I improved in my leadership skills of enforcing rules and getting people to listen, and patience and communication skills.”

“I learned to be more organized and how to work well with others.”

These comments mean so much to me because they represent the girls who worked here growing to reach their potential. I was able to watch them learn and grow as employees who were responsible for themselves and the schedules given to them. Even through the challenges and conflict resolution that needed to happen, I’m encouraged thinking about all that they learned through their hardworking hours.

My prayer is that God would continue to mold and shape each of us as we grow in knowledge of our giftings and passions that He has given us in order to serve Him and His Kingdom.

Amy Paruk – Hope House Staff

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