Hope House Detroit Summer: MAX IT OUT!


Kick-Off Big Event

Every year, in the summer, we at Hope House host Big Events to help raise awareness for our programs at Hope House and kick start the summer. This summer’s kick off Big Event was completely designed and lead by our four students in Teen Council. These girls did everything!!! –They came up with the theme, games, food, as well as designing shirts to raise funds to help execute the event and passed out fliers around the neighborhood!

It was truly awesome to see them rise to the occasion on the Big Event and work together, run a volunteer meeting, problem solve, and direct people all day.  There were a few hiccups like with any event, but the girls showed why they are on the council and the potential that God has placed in each of them.


Coming Soon…

This summer saw the opening of the new play structure built last October on the lot behind Hope House. The kids love it! It provides a great sheltered area for younger children to play safely. Gary plans to build a park pavilion in the lot next to it to create a space for families to come, barbeque, and spend time together. There will be picnic tables and even a bonfire pit! We are looking forward to having an area families can come spend time at Hope House! We hope it will be a place for togetherness and relaxation.



Troy Wilkinson and Hannah Kwiecinski joined the Hope House ministry team as the new House Directors in May. Both Troy and Hannah are recent graduates of Rochester College and will soon be married in August. While still in college, Troy and Hannah felt pulled to Detroit. Both served at Hope House on separate occasions and had considered moving to Detroit to be closer to Hope Community Church where they had been attending. When they heard about the House Director opportunity, they began a time of prayer and consideration. Soon, both realized that this was God’s next step for them in their ministry. Troy and Hannah are excited to face the challenges and joys that this position will bring and they know that God has already been equipping them in so many ways to serve the community of Detroit. Please join us in welcoming them to the Hope House team!


Summer Internship 2016

We at Hope House are excited to introduce the four great individuals that have joined our team for the summer!

Gabe Beaubien is with us from Adrian, MI where he lives and is involved at his church, Adrian First Church of Nazarene. Gabe first came to Hope House during a mission trip to the city with his church. He then spent a summer in the city with Cru where he helped out at Hope House off and on. Gabe felt God pulling him to live and intern at Hope House this summer, so he listened and obeyed.

Breanna Mihalovich is with us from Rochester College where she is studying Urban Ministry. Breanna first visited Hope House through the school’s Spring Break Mission Trip: Urban Plunge. Breanna felt that spending a week at Hope House wasn’t enough and felt drawn to take part in our summer internship.

Denise Vernon is with us from Rochester College. She heard about Hope House numerous times on campus and even saw some of us from Hope House speak at chapel. Denise felt a desire and confirmation in her heart to come intern at Hope House.

Brett Farris is with us from Rochester College. Brett first came to Hope House through the school’s Spring Break Mission Trip: Urban Plunge. Brett knows that his education in the classroom has taught him a great deal about ministry but felt it was time to put his education into action and take part in a more hands-on learning experience.

We are very excited and blessed to have each of these amazing individuals with us this summer! We look forward not only to what they each bring to our ministry team, but also for what God has in store for them this summer!

Praises and Prayer

As summer approaches we see ourselves entering into a time of strengthening and transition. We are so thankful for all that God has been doing in preparation for a summer of Maxing it Out! Today, we are praising God for all of the wild and crazy things He is doing! Some of those being…

• New House Directors!

• Four summer interns!

• Teen Council girls did an awesome job leading our first Big Event for the summer!

• The play set is officially open!

• A great Leadership Team retreat to recenter and prepare us for summer!

• Ever-growing relationships with our partners!

• A growing volunteer base!

• New faces from the neighborhood at the Big Event!

• A full season of visitings groups ahead!

• God’s direction in Hope House future!

• God’s marvelous leading, plan, and wisdom!

Hope House relies heavily on the spirit of prayer. We aim to seek God’s direction and join Him where He is at work. We would love for you to join us in this effort. Some ways you can be praying for Hope House are…

• That we max out our resources, making the most of EVERY opportunity

• For our summer groups and interns to grow close to Christ as they learn and serve

• For our new house directors as they adjust and lead

• For our staff, volunteers, and leadership team as the summer craziness stretches us

• That the Lord would have His way, lead our ways, and by glorified

• For His love to be thick in our neighborhood

• For peace and protection, faith and fun for all

• For more volunteers!

• For growth in our programs

• For our incoming groups to see and feel God working in them, our community, and their group.

• For more kids for the summer from the neighborhood and surrounding schools. Send us every kid you want us to meet, Lord.

Volunteer Needs

As summer is gearing up, we are constantly in need of passionate, loving people to join us! Here are some of our volunteer needs at Hope House:

• Computer Club volunteers

• Thank God It’s Girls’ Club volunteers

• Outdoor Fun volunteers

• Laundry and Meals for visiting groups

• Worship Leader on some Wednesday nights

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