Blown Away by the Body!


Blown Away by the Body!

Hope House allows for a unique opportunity of self-discovery. Those who have chosen to embrace its culture – one of community and real crazy love – have experienced the joy of being used by God, in both expected and unexpected ways.  Each and every person involved brings with them a unique set of talents that we love to put to good use, as well as an openness in allowing God to stretch them and show them yet undiscovered gifts that may have been inside of them all along.

That’s the beauty of what happens when you serve the Lord!!!  The simple step of joining with a ministry and helping to shine Jesus’ light, even in the smallest of ways, allows us to see much clearer all that God has to offer, whether to us personally, to someone we are serving, or to us as a community as a whole.  That’s what makes this idea of community and being a part of the body of Christ so powerful.  God has work ready for us to do.  He has given us the ability and resources to carry out the plan.  All we have to do is trust that He will be with us as we go.

The body of Christ has an amazing amount of gifts and talents.  We at Hope House see what can happen on a regular basis when a small amount of people decide to throw down for Jesus in a way that is truly their own.  So we want to say thank you for bringing your unique gift, offering your time, praying, supporting financially, loving our kids, and even swinging a hammer.  We honor and appreciate each offering, as all of them are crucial to the work we strive to do.

This summer especially would not have been possible without all of our amazing volunteers and partners.  In their time here, whether an afternoon, a week, or a summer, these generous people have used their gifts to not only bless the neighborhood around Hope House, but to forever impact God’s Kingdom.  Again, we cannot thank you each enough for coming alongside us in all the ways you do.


VBS: Deep Sea Discovery!

This summer Hope House Detroit, Hope Community Church, and Brighton Christian Church partnered together to offer a Vacation Bible School to the neighborhood and surrounding community here on Jefferson and Marlborough. With the help of many volunteers, we shared the love of Christ to kids, learning that God is with us wherever we go! We had a great turnout of 26 kids who participated! They were excited and engaged; God was definitely at work that week. Thank you to everyone who donated their time and resources to make a real impact on our kids’ and our lives!


Park Pavilion

As we introduced in the last newsletter, plans were underway to build a new park pavilion on the Hope House property. That plan came to life this summer as numerous volunteers and groups joined together to help build; from the structure to the picnic tables to the landscaping! We are incredibly grateful for every person who had a part in making this pavilion a reality for us! We plan to make the pavilion available as a space neighbors in our community can use to have picnics, birthday parties, or simply hang out. We would love to have you come check the newest addition to the Hope House Property!


Praises & Prayer

We are incredibly grateful that God has blessed us with yet another wild and crazy summer! Everything we did this summer from programming, to hosting interns, to playing outside, we did only by the Lord’s provision!

We are thanking God for:

  • Superb and committed interns and volunteers throughout the summer!
  • New director for Read Around The Block!
  • Teen Council teens hard work this past summer!
  • Great turnouts at the summer events!
  • High School Girls’ Bible study growing!

We are asking God for:

  • Consistent, reliable volunteers for RATB, Guys’ Group & Computer Lab.
  • That each volunteer knows how important, valued they are to us and the kids.
  • For each child to feel loved and know that Christ is with them.
  • That we at Hope House would honor Jesus in all we do and that the love of Christ would draw kids.
  • The relational connection of “One another-ing” by stopping, greeting and listening to our neighbors.
  • For the kids to have a great school year with all of their needs being met.

What’s Coming!

Ongoing Programs:


  • 5-7pm – Thank God It’s Girls’ Club!
  • 5-7pm – High School Girls’ Bible Study


  • 4:15-6:15pm – Read Around the Block
  • 6:30-7:30pm – Computer Club


  • 10-11:30am – Guys’ Group



  • 17th – Prayer Walk


  • 8th – Prayer Walk
  • 29th – Fall Big Event


  • 12th – Prayer Walk


  • 10th – Living Nativity
  • 17th – End of Fall Programing

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