Be Humble, and I’ll Provide Power Through Jesus


“Be Humble, and I’ll Provide Power Through Jesus”

“The more God uses you the more humble you become.” – Louie Giglio

When I first heard that statement I had a hard time believing the truth behind it. Sometimes we lose sight of how God has moved when we are in the shadow of our own pride. The human reality is that we accomplish nothing on our own. Our abilities, gifts, and talents all come from God. God provides resources, strategies, and even opportunities for us to use our abilities every day. I have heard it said like this before, “Our ability is God’s gift to us, but what we do with that ability is our gift to God.”

Paul said it this way in 2nd Corinthians 10:17 But, “Let the one who boasts boast only in the Lord.”

As God reveals more of what He is doing, we may wonder why He has chosen to use us. We all know where we fall short and where we excel. We are humbled just knowing He has great plans for us. He gives us opportunities daily to allow Him to work through us.

For the past few months in Detroit, the Lord has been humbling us by working through us in ministries that seem to be thriving, by leading us and enabling us to literally sort through everything including our values, and by opening doors of opportunity and excitement. Leaves us feeling like, “Who, us?”

-Riley Chowning


He Let’s Us Participate

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised.” Job 1:21

I love how God humbles us. When He humbles, He always gives us a lift into hope, and we feel the elation of knowing that God has done this. As the director of Read Around the Block, I testify that every single session is directed by the Lord. We cannot, as human beings, manufacture the joy that He gives. It is unmistakable!

Here is some news from our Read Around the Block program, and I invite you to praise God with me! Read Around the Block is so much more than a literacy program. It is all about relationships. When God is involved, He makes everything work together to fulfill His good plan. Although it is never chaos-free, Read Around the Block involves harmonious relationships with kids, staff, volunteers, and parents all working together to produce good fruit for the kingdom.

• Here are some praises:

• We have 19 kids registered with an average of about 11 attending each session. This is very good attendance for wintertime, when the cold and sickness keep many indoors.

• We are communicating Jesus to the kids, and the news about Him is being received as good news!

• Although sometimes it is difficult to measure just how much kids are being helped by the tutoring, attitudes are great, and the engagement is high!

• We have had our first ever parent prayer meeting and 5 parents came! We enjoyed fellowship together, laughing, and interceding for our kids, schools, neighborhoods and relationships. We shared our prayer concerns and gave advice freely. Here is an excerpt  that I wrote about the prayer time:

• I started the prayer by thanking God for all the ladies that were there. Then spent time in “popcorn prayer”. I was so encouraged by the passionate prayer!  I felt the presence of God. It was heartfelt prayer, nothing ritualistic or pretentious. Prayer was lifted up for kids, neighborhood, schools, teachers. I announced that we would spend time to share some prayer requests – wow!  We went around the table and shared our concerns and struggles. It was very interesting that as we went around and each person shared their requests, the rest of the group gave advice to the person who had shared. It was good advice, kindly given, and not sugar-coated either!  When I started the meeting, I did not expect to be ministered to myself, but that’s exactly what happened!

– Thank you for all your support and participation in God’s work!  Joy Ferguson


He Enables Us to Sort Through EVERYTHING!

This past November we found some unwanted visitors in our home. After checking with the professionals, we confirmed that we, in fact, had bed bugs. Over the following weeks we emptied the contents of the house into black garbage bags to be either heat treated, wiped down, or thrown out. We were overwhelmed with the magnitude of what we had to accomplish but also concerned about the effect the subsequent closing of Hope House during this time would have on the ministry. What we didn’t see coming, was that God would use this time to break us down and reform us as a team. Together we had to recognize that everything we have been given at Hope House was from God. This included our personal items, ministry supplies, furniture, and even the house itself. We had to let a lot of items go, and I personally came to the realization that I had put a lot more value in my stuff than I had realized. After a week of being closed and with some shuffling of spaces, we were able to hold programs again thanks to Hope Community Church and the Hope Hospitality House. Many of us found that these times outside of our normal routine created space for new facets of our relationships with the kids to develop. Although this is an experience none of us would want to go through again, looking back I can clearly see the ways in which God worked during the hardships.

– Hannah Wilkinson


He Opens Doors Wide for Us!

This year we were presented with the opportunity to partner with Carstens, a local public K-8 school. Carstens has been on the heart of many of us at Hope House for quite a while. In the Fall, we sat down with the Volunteer Coordinator at the school and asked what some of the needs of the school were and ways we could partner with them in caring for the kids in the community. We learned that the 2nd grade teachers did not have a planning period and that the 2nd grade students did not have art, music, or P.E. classes.  Many of us felt drawn to help with this need, and God provided a wide open door for us to start volunteering in the school. In January, Hope House started going to Carstens three times a week, teaching art, music, and P.E. to the second graders. It has been a humbling experience allowing God to work through us as we teach, care for, and love the second graders at Carstens. God has abundantly provided the opportunity, resources, volunteers, and so much more for this to happen, and we are so excited to humbly be a part of His work!

– Kasey Moore


Ways YOU Can Get Involved

PRAY! We cannot do any of this without calling on God! Some things you could be praying for:

• Pray that the Hope House team to stay fixed on God and looking for His direction.

• Pray for volunteers (specifically for Read Around the Block).

• Pray that the kids to feel known and loved by us and the Lord!

• Pray that the volunteers to be blessed and feel valued.

• Pray for more mentoring relationships and volunteers who are willing to commit long term to pray.

• Praise God for deepening relationships with our students’ parents!

• Praise God for

• Praise God with us for the “open door” at Carstens and the amazing opportunity that we have to partner with them!

VOLUNTEER! We’d love to have you on our team! There are numerous ways you can volunteer (programs, outdoor fun, big events, etc.). If you’re interested, contact Dana Rodriguez at

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