An Internship Reflection

For the last four months, I was able to be a public relations intern at Hope House Detroit. An internship was required for me to graduate and I honestly can’t think of a place that would have been a better fit for me.

I first went to Hope House in 2014 when Rochester College sent a group of students there on Urban Plunge (RC’s alternative spring break to Detroit). I hadn’t been sure what to expect and I had my doubts about how fulfilling that week would be. I ended up experiencing God in ways that I never had before and I fell in love with the city of Detroit. I continued going on the Urban Plunge trip throughout college and loved getting to know Hope House better and better.

Through the semester, I found myself becoming more and more grateful for my opportunity with Hope House; how many people can say that their internship brought them closer to the heart of God? The staff of Hope House made me meals, prayed with me, and deepened my understanding of God’s word. These are things that speak volumes of this non-profit which strives to show God’s real, crazy love to anyone who is willing to receive it.

Aside from being able to utilize everything about PR that I’ve learned in 3 years, I was able to volunteer once a week at Hope House for their reading program called Read Around The Block. I was able to build relationships with the kids there and to see Christ’s love put into practice by the staff and volunteers around me.

Hope House really isn’t just a non-profit. It’s a house where God’s love, patience, and understanding are overflowing into the streets of Detroit. I’ve had the awesome privilege to experience this love firsthand, and I would strongly encourage anyone else to come in contact with it as well.

-Danielle Fecteau (Hope House Detroit PR Intern)

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