Guys’ Group (GG) is a breakfast devotional time focusing on Christian character development for junior high and high school boys. Guys’ Group offers the neighborhood guys a time of eating breakfast together, a time of sharing with each other, hearing about Bible stories and Biblical topics from local men, and hanging out.

Thank God It’s Girls’ Club! (TGIGC) is a junior high devotional group for middle school girls that focuses on identity and what it means to be a woman of God. TGIGC offers fun activities and discussions in a positive and safe environment. Each Tuesday session includes snack; activities like cooking class, crafts, games, field trips; and/or Girl Talk. Topics for discussion include self-acceptance, respect, friendship, health and beauty, handling emotions, serving others, dreams for the future, and other topics as they come up.


Read Around the Block (RATB) is a one-on-one reading enhancement program where elementary kids (grades 1-5) can come and get help reading at their level. RATB includes snack, the Big Read (adult reading aloud to group), and child reading one on one to a reading friend. The RATB program is about connecting with local students and increasing their reading opportunities and comprehension.


Computer Club (CC) is a program for young boys and girls to develop computer skills and learn more about computers and computer programs. Computer Club offers neighborhood kids a time to discover new computer and technology skills. Computer Club explores basic computer skills such as typing, Microsoft, and the internet as well as utilizing technology in our world such as televisions and photography.

High School Girls’ Bible Study (HSGBS) is a weekly gathering to learn about the word of God and connect with other Godly women. High School Girls’ Bible Study offers fun activities and discussions in a positive and safe environment. We focus on exploring stories and topics from the Bible in new and fun ways! Each Tuesday includes: snack, Bible lesson, activities, service opportunities, games, and lots of fun!


Teen Council (TC) is a program designed to help further develop high school students with leadership potential. We exist to help equip youth with important leadership skills, such as communication, problem solving skills, teamwork, and more.  Teenagers work to identify issues in our neighborhood and mobilize others to constructively solve those issues.  They are also partnered with mentors who invest in their spiritual, personal, academic, and professional lives.